nas active directory lookup

Discussion created by 1_slash on Sep 12, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2012 by golden2

Let's say that active directory authentication has been setup properly. Would it be possible if we create nas script based on LUA to query active directory and return the values?


For example, an alarm with this message: account abc123 is going to expire in 10 days.


For this type of alarm, it will be processed using LUA script to extract the username (abc123), next step that we are trying to find out is if it's possible in nas probe to have command to query AD and get the email address providing that AD-Nimsoft is setup and working properly?


Hub callbacks with 'ldap' prefix does not provide this information, but if you look at hub.cfg-->ldap-->templates-->active directory section, email parameter is actually listed in the template.


Either ways, let me know and thank you in advance.