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New NMS install/Migrate existing Infrastructure

Question asked by cwesley on Sep 6, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2012 by cwesley

Hi - I'm trying to achieve the following, I'm wondering if it's possible.


I want to install a new NMS instance with new database, migrate/copy the configuration from an existing NMS install to this new install. migrate the infrastructure being monitoring by the old NMS install to the new install, decomm the old install.  We're not looking to preserve the existing SLM database, we're starting fresh but we don't want to reconfigure interface_traffic etc from scratch.


Is this possible and how would I do it?  




The old install is plagued with some issues that make upgrading it a pain in the butt, it's never a seemless upgrade and always results in a support call.  ALWAYS.  Some of the newer features (the discovery stuff) don't work that we'd really like to use since we're paying for them. :-D  And our SLM database is huge and bloated with a ton of data that no one uses.  We're willing to freeze this NMS instance as a reporting only instance for 6 months or so until the 1% of the data that is used is outdated while starting over fresh with new hardware (old hardware is EOL anyway) and a new clean NMS install that should be devoid of the issues that we're seeing.  All that said, we don't want to lose our customizations, mainly NAS scripts/filters/etc and probe configurations/superprobes.  


Thanks in advance!