Clariion probe issue

Discussion created by jq on Sep 5, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2012 by golden2

We are currently attempting to monitor a couple of clariion systems however we are running into issues with the clariion probe. The issue we are running into is that the bus enclosures/luns seems to continuously repeat itself within each other. When we set the thresholds on one metric it is applied globally to the replicated instances(see picture) which in turn eventually causes the queue to increase in size about 1MB-2MB a minute .

We are currently using version 1.50 , we opened a support case and were told to use an older version(v. 1.40) however that didn't work either.


I was wondering if anyone is able to monitor EMC clariion devices, cx300 and cx4-120? If so what version of the clariion probe is being used?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.