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LUA--help with probe_config_get

Question asked by mipnix on Aug 11, 2012
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I am trying to pull the default configuration from a 'net_connect' probe, in order to create a template to push to a set of robots. I want to pull the /setup/default_host values. If I run the command in the probe utility, it gives me what I want and I can see the information. However, when I try to script it, I get a nil value and I have no idea what I am doing wrong.


I thought nimbus.request returned a PDS which I would then have to iterate through to get the values I want. Why is it returning a nil value?


I am new to programming and LUA, so I obviously don't understand the return call well enough but here is the script I have:


probecmd = pds.create()
pds.putString(probecmd, "net_connect", "/setup/default_host")

response, retcode = nimbus.request("/Path/to/hub/controller", "probe_config_get", probecmd)

for key, value in pairs(response["/setup/default_host"]) do


Any help is appreciated.


Kind regards.