FQDN Names, Short names and Discovery

Discussion created by RobPol on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2012 by david_hayes

I frequently see problems in Dynamic dashboards caused by FQDN name being used for some boxes and shortname used for others, or even both being used by different probes for the same box. By standard I now set the overrides in controller and cdm to use shortname.


Then I add in discovery and I get many systems discovered twice, once with FQDN and once with short. This is in the most simple setup using a single discovery_agent.


Does anyone out there have any hints or tips to help force everything to shortname, or even everything to FQDN.


Any idea how I can stop discovery finding hosts marvin and marvin.heartofgold.improb ?


I understand FQDNs may be required in a large org but plenty of deployments do not need this and it is causing me frequent headaches.


What do others do to handle these issues? Any sugestions to save my sanity.