Problems with Dynamic Dashboard sources after upgrade

Discussion created by tmwhite64 on Jul 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by RobPol

I recently upgraded to NMS 5.61 and UMP 2.6.2, using the legacy group_server.  i am experiencing alot of invalid sources when viewing dynamic dashboards.  It appears that for some reason, there is a mismatch between what name is being collected in QoS (FQDN vs Short name) and what the dynamic dashboards are looking for.  


Going forward i am not looking to make the dynamic dashboards work for old data, but i want to standardize on either short name or FQDN and migrate to the nis_server for this content.  does anyone know if there is a process for phasing out the group_server and just using the nis_server?  Any insight into this issue and resolution would be appreciated.