Unified Report 'Account Aware' queries with parameters

Discussion created by sdale on Jul 3, 2012

I've been working on designing several reports for Unified Reporter through iReport, and I've gone through the documented steps to make a report "account aware" through iReport/Unified Reporter.  Trouble is, my main query for the report needs to pass two parameters to the query, but when I switch to the 'nimsoft' query language I am not able to pass parameters to my stored procedure.  I've put sample queries of what I'm trying to accomplish.  The "$P{startDate}" parameter is what stops working when I switch to the 'nimsoft' query executer in order to be able to read the 'nimsoft_account_name'.  Is this expected behavior?  If so, how can I work around it?


Normal SQL query using parameter prompts:

exec RDS_NimsoftSLM.dbo.Main_Device_Query @origin=$P{origin}, @startDate=$P{startDate}


"Account aware" query using nimsoft query executer:

exec RDS_NimsoftSLM.dbo.Main_Device_Query @origin='nimsoft_account_name', @startDate=$P{startDate}