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Attached is the lua script which I've written to failover a multi instance UMP from a primary hub to a secondary hub.

As most of you know HA probe only stops and starts probes (and queues), which works for UMP if you only have UMP local to the primary and secondary hub.  But when you have one or many separate robots hosting UMP then this is difficult to achieve and it turns into a manual process.  With a single instance of UMP, reconfiguring to point to a different data engine and nas is relatively straight forward process and therefore is more often sufficient for smaller installations, but when there are two or more instances, setup as multi-instance UMP, then this is more of a task and its easy for the user to make mistakes.

So when you have one or more UMP instances running on separate robots and a primary and secondary hub controlled by HA then you may find this script useful to "re-point" UMP at the failed-over data engine and nas etc.


The script is triggered by the alarm generated from HA probe which is running on the secondary hub. The script is installed on the nas on the secondary hub and I have set it up to trigger on the alarms which start "Initiating failover" and "Stopping failover", using this to decide which hub to configure UMP to point to.

Setup is easy, just put in the script the nimsoft addresses of the two hubs and the hub names, and then populate the array of UMP robotnames.


The first thing the script does is check that the UMP robots, themselves, have moved to their secondary hub, as I'm assuming they have a primary hub which has just gone down.

It then just loops through each instance, reconfiguring the DAP, Dashboard Engine and WASP with the secondary nas and data engine.

In my particular customer installation, they don't use all the functions available to UMP and therefore not all the keys are updated, but for anyone else to use this, it should be easy to just copy and paste extra sections for any other keys you need to change.

This has been fully tested in a 2 node UMP installation but the production environment is a 5 robot Multi Instance UMP deployment and works the same way, just looping through an extra 3 times.


Any bugs/improvements or requests for features, please post back.