Maintenance mode from outside Nimsoft

Discussion created by Chris548 on Jun 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2012 by MattGruber

Doing some looking around in the forms, but can't really find a path to take for a solution.  We have these scenarios where we have some servers (web servers, app servers etc..) that get patched, or have new updates, or new installs that go to them. These roll outs are done by a seperate team we have.  They use their scripts and tools to do these roll outs.  We are trying to find some mechanism that can help tie their process of doing roll outs to Nimsoft such that their script to initate a roll out, puts the affected robots in maintenance mode for a given duration.  These roll outs can happen at any time during the day.  


Anybody have any ideas or guidance on what path we can take?