snmptd probe - What does the 'Enable Generic' option in the general setup do?

Discussion created by daemon-gs on Apr 26, 2012
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Howdy Folks,


I'm currently using the smptd probe with the cim_traps package to catch HP hardware alerts. So far, everything is working as expected. I'm curious as to what exactly the generic tab does in the snmptd probe general setup.


I took a look at the documentation for the probe at the URL below and I understand that in the general setup, the generic tab can be enabled, but it doesn't explain what it does when you enable it.


Does it capture any trap that does not have a trap profile defined? Or does it override the trap profiles altogether? Any feedback on what this "generic" option does when enabled would be most helpful. Thanks in advance.


snmptd v2.00 documentation URL:



- George