Periodically sending Nimsoft SLM database to external database server

Discussion created by amit_saxena on Apr 5, 2012

Hi all,


We have an in-house consolidated dashboard application which displays centralized dashboards and reports from performance statistics received from all the the monitoring tools. We would like to send the QoS data from Nimsoft SLM database periodically to external database server. We don't want to give the dashboard application a direct access to Nimsoft SLM database as their queries will put more load on the database server which in turn affects the performance of UMP.


I am following the forums for the updates regarding qos_views.sql script and at present, I have version 2.4 of the same. 


I would like to know how to periodically export the data, or changed data, of the views represented by qos_views.sql script i.e. V_QOS_???? to external database.


Even, is there a better way to export QoS data from Nimsoft SLM database to external database ?


Please suggest and help.



Amit Saxena