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NAS and Alarm Suppression

Question asked by bvloch1 on Mar 30, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2012 by bvloch1

I am attempting to build a pre-processing rule that would suppress/exclude any alarm that does not have User Tag 1 populated. My testing seems to indicate that this may not be possible as it appears that if nothing is populated in that field - my regex is not applied.


In my case the User Tag 1 field can be poplulated with one of three stings or left blank - I want to suppress any alarms that User Tag 1 is blank. I tried building a regex that if not /^(?!oneofmystrings)/ suppress. This does not appear to work as the blank alarms are still getting thru to the alarm console.  I don't know how I would build a "isnull" regex or if this is even possible? 


Has anyone ever run into something like this or have any suggestions?