Problems concerning the 'reboot' probe

Discussion created by dfithen on Mar 8, 2012
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I am attempting to set up a reboot probe on 2 separate test servers within our Nimsoft environment, but the servers do not reboot and I consistently receive the following alarm error on both servers:


"Controller: Timed probe reboot returned error code 1/0"


I have read the documentation concerning the reboot probe multiple times and have set up the fields exactly as they are specified in the help document, but I still cannot get the probe to function correctly.  I have even tried the test argument paired with different time and date settings for the configuration after acknowledging the 1/0 error code, but nothing seems to be working.  Below I have attached an album of screenshots of the configuration, can anyone please provide assistance or insight into a possible solution to this issue?  Thank you!


Reboot Probe Configuration