url_response STRING_FOUND create "NULL" Values instead of 0

Discussion created by fankido on Mar 7, 2012
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Dear Community


Yesterday I went into a problem when using SLM in UMP to calculate the uptime for QOS_URL_STRINGFOUND. Whatever OR calculation/compare method I tried, the outcome always showed “Breached”.


The setup (NMS 5.61, UMP 2.61 (just upgraded to verify problem), url_response 2.53):

We have a webpage that shows the status of several applications with an “OK” or “ERROR”.

With the url_response probe we check that page for “ERROR” NOT appearing. So far this works. When there is “ERROR” an alert fires.


BUT: There is no value written to the Database. The field-value stays “NULL” not “0”.  So when trying to calculate the uptime I was unable to do so. In reverse i tried OK and got "1" in the database - this seems to work.


Any idea?


Thanks, Daniel