sqlserver Probe connection error

Discussion created by daleman on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by ayushs

I am receiving the below message when testing the connection in the sqlserver probe.


Probe has to be started for connection test


I have it set up with SQL Server authentication and I have confirmed the User ID and password are correct by connecting to the server in SQL Management Studio with the same credentials and authentication.


The sqlserver probe is version 4.11 and is installed on the hub where the robot is in.  There are about another 50 connections in this probe all set up the same way with no issues.


I've checked the sqlserver pobe log and see the following for this server:


Profile: test connection profile, data engine connecting to database , using connection test connection, user: , winauth: 0, encr: 0
Feb 29 17:25:34:470 [20892] sqlserver: Profile: test connection profile/test connection checkpoint/Connect - COM Error: Code=0x80004005 Source=Provider Description=Unspecified error
Feb 29 17:25:34:470 [20892] sqlserver: Connection test to  failed

Connect - connection timeout after 6 sec



I've tried restarting the robot on the server with the failed connection but that has not resolved it.  Any ideas what I can check?