An example article: Service Level Manager does not work with new NMS 5.60 or 5.61 builds

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Hi All:


I wanted to provide an example of the articles we have been working onThis one provides a workaround to an issue preventing use of SLM fat client in most recent versions of NMS





The SLM Connection parameters for slm 4.74 are extracted from nas probe, data_engine probe and the sla_engine / report_engine parameters through the data_engine configuration.

Since neither NMS 5.60 nor 5.61 ship with a report_engine, the data_engine will not natively have a report_engine configured. This prevents the SLM application from being configured and usableYou will see a
dialog such as this, with the Report Engine Address field empty:

User-added image

If you look in Raw Configure, in the setup folder, you will see that the report_engine key has no value:

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Follow these steps:


  1. Launch Raw Configure on the slm probe in Infrastructure Manager
  2. Setreport_engine = /<Domain>/<hubname>/<robotname>/report_engine

The report_engine need not exist, but the address needs to be populated in order for the configuration to be considered valid by SLM Manager.

Once you have set the path key value in the Raw Configure dialog, you will see the following dialog when launching the SLM tool.

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You will then be able to successfully launch Service Level Manager.