Insights about discovery queue?

Discussion created by 1_keithk on Feb 10, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2012 by ntimm

Our core NMS hub has an attach queue named "discovery" with nothing connected to it. The strange thing is that I do not remember seeing that queue on the hub immediately after we installed NMS, and I think I probably would have noticed something like that. I first noticed the queue a few weeks ago, and I cannot figure out what we did that would have created it. And it is strange that the queue was created but then has nothing connected. It is supposed to hold messages with a subject of "CMSDiscovery" but is empty even though nothing is connected. That subject does not appear in the list of subjects that the hub has seen before. Here is that queue in the config file:


   <discovery>       active = yes       type = attach       subject = CMSDiscovery       addr =        bulk_size =     </discovery>

Does anyone know what this queue is supposed to do and how it got there?