Interface Traffic Probe  5.01 and Max Interface Speed Alerts

Discussion created by bvloch1 on Feb 1, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by bvloch1

I am wondering if others are seeing this issue with the latest version or previous versions of interface_traffic  - periodically we get criticial alerts indicating that the max interface speed cannot be determined yet when you go into the probe and select monitor you see the correct speed and traffic flowing - see screenshot.  Support seems to believe that this might related to certain types of cisco equipment yet from my perspective this is something to do with version 5.01 since I did not see this issue (at least to the degree I am seeing now)  in version 4.94 of the probe. Since 99% of my equipment is Cisco - I can't really disprove that it's related to Cisco. I also can't downgrade the probe since it fixed a different more major bug. 


I am curious if others are seeing issues like this and with what type of equipment and prove version number.