Logmon regex

Discussion created by Chris548 on Jan 18, 2012
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I'm beating my head over the following issue I'm having with regex in logmon.  If I have a simple text file, where the majority of time it has a simple single digit character, say 0 for example, I can't get the regular expression to match that character and alarm on it.  if I change that number to any other 0-9 digit, same thing.  However if I change it to a double digit number, it works.  Doesn't matter what number that is so as long as it's a double digit number.  From what I gathered, I should be able to use the following regex formatted to be used in logmon:  /\d+/  When I test this using the test profile option with my watcher selected, I test with the "test string" radio button selected and put in a number which should match in that regular expression.  5, won't match, but 55 or any other two digit number works.  Even when testing agains my actual text file, I get the same behavior.  Any ideas?