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Selectively filtering and forwarding certain set of alerts from one customer hub to central hub through attach/get queues

Question asked by amit_saxena on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by amit_saxena

Hi all,


Specifically the scenario is as follows. We have deployed hubs (customer hubs) at customer site and at central site (central hubs). As of now, we have created attach queues for alarms and QoS at customer hubs and equivalent get queues at central hubs. The entire setup till date is working fine. We have NAS deployed on all the hubs including customer and site hubs.


However because of some recent requirement change, we have to forward selective alerts (filtered by probes) from custom site to central site and rest of alerts to be logged locally. I can write a LUA script which will work in on-arrival mode to log incoming alert to text file after checking for alarm contents whether it needs to be logged locally or forwarded to central hubs. However for rest of alerts, I can't send them to central site either through NAS or through queues.

Please help and suggest.



Amit Saxena