Oracle probe permissions

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Hi all,


I'm currently working with NimSoft support to work out what are the minimalist set of permissions to allow the Oracle probe to run. Has anyone had any luck with this, excluding those that just granted sys/sysdba rights?


To recap from a previous post, the release notes and a support call:


Oracle INSTANT CLIENT is not supported. 
Other: A database user with the privilege'SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE','gv_$sort_segment' and 'sys.ts$'
Script for a monitoring user: (connect as sys)


create user nimmon identified by nimmon; 
grant connect to nimmon; 
grant select_catalog_role to nimmon;
grant select on gv_$sort_segment to nimmon;
grant select on sys.ts$ to nimmon;

Oracle user 'system' has these rigths already granted.

Role based login is also supported for e.g. : sys as sysdba 




Here is a direct link: