Dependencies in net_connect

Discussion created by Sir on Dec 15, 2011
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Hi there,


I'm migrating several monitoring solutions over to NimSoft, and I'm at a loss with the dependencies in net_connect.


I have several customers with hosts behind different firewalls. I have defined the firewalls at the top level (and yes, they are set as active) and then dragged all the dependent hosts onto the relevant firewall.


For example:


--- host1

------ sqlnet


--- host4

------- http


Now, as I understand it, if a firewall is down then the checks don't occur down that branch. However, what I am seeing is that net_connect is finding that the firewall is up and then it's not bothering to check down the branch. The top level all has green lights with all child levels showing grey. In the status window, if I select a grey item and test it, it all works fine.


Have I misunderstood net_connect completely?