Upgrading to 5.6 and NImbus Server

Discussion created by bvloch1 on Dec 17, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2011 by 1_keithk

When reviewing the upgrade documentation for 5.6 I am wondering what the documentation always refers to as the "Nimsoft Server" actually encompasses? In a nutshell this is basically referring to the server (in most cases your primary  server) running the web server in which you can perform client installation and download the IM/SLM? 


Is it fair to say that when you upgrade Nimsoft - the upgrade is installing the bundled infrastructure probes, updating the core probes in your archive (robot update, Hub, etc) and then overwriting the version number displayed on the Nimsoft displayed on the default Nimsoft server splash page? 


Other than infrastructure based based probes - I always will have access to the new probes contained in a upgrade,  correct?


Is there an aspect I am missing?


And lastly - what exactly is the SLM Server of which the release notes for 5.60 speaks off?