Cannot run installUMP (v 2.5.2GA) on Windows 2008

Discussion created by robl on Nov 11, 2011
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I'm trying to run the installUMP script (version 2.5.2GA) on a VMware server under Windows 2008.

We use InstallAnywhere on our servers and this has worked fine with Nimsoft installs in the past.


I run the install scritp as Administrator, but it just opens a command window (TaskEng) for about

10 seconds before it dies. There are no error messages.


The server is a 3x3GHz 64-bit virtual machine, with 4Gb RAM, running Windows 2008.


I can run the downloaded package on my desktop, up to the point it starts InstallAnywhere, so I

guess the downlaod isn't corrupt.


Any advice gratefully received, as I'm a Solaris bod rather than Windows.