Can you limit UMP report views to a probe folder

Discussion created by Mski35 on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2011 by 1_keithk

We monitor our customer base by deploying a remote hub in their environment.  In addition, more of our customers are requesting we provide statistics from their internet routers which have public IPs that are only available outside their network.  Initially we spun up a server at our location and loaded the interface_traffic and net_connect probes which allows us to gather the required information.  However as more customers are requesting this information and would like to be able to view it from their UMP portal, I find myself in a bind to provide this information to them and would rather have to not spin up a dedicated server per client at our location to accomplish this.  I was hoping there is some way we can permission a user account to only view specific QOS data from a probe or if there is a way we can permission a folder that has been created on a probe.  For example, interface_traffic probe has 3 folders called customer1, customer2 and customer3 and each customer has their internet router within the corresponding folder.  From a UMP perspective, how can I grant customer1 the ability to only see his information and not the rest?  Is this possible?


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