Setting up a new replicated instance for main NimsoftSLM database through built-in replication procedures

Discussion created by amit_saxena on Nov 9, 2011
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Hi all,


I would like to setup another database instance which would be periodically replicated with the main NimsoftSLM instance through built-in database replication procedures.


Specifically, I am using MS-SQL 2008 and would like to setup replication every 1 hour etc with the new replicated instance.


My queries are as follows.


1) Has somebody implmented something like this in their development / production environment ?

2) Though I am not sure on how much load on database server the replication activity generates, what would be the best periodic interval to replicate the same ?

3) Apart from built-in database server replication procedures, is there any other way to replicate the database ?


I had a look at adogtw probe but all it does is to replicate transactions across ODBC enabled database.



Amit Saxena