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Alarm Window not loading

Question asked by mika.tuominen on Oct 6, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2011 by mika.tuominen

We've been having this problem every now and then. When I open Infrastructure Manager and switch from Message Window to Alarm Window, the alarm window doesn't even load. There is not even the toolbar of the alarm window visible, and it isn't showing anything on the right bottom corner of the infratructure manager.
And if I lauch Alarm subconsole, it's also empty and states that cannot connect to NAS.

When I open the NAS config, on the status tab I'm able to see all the current active alarms, and most of the users using Infrastructure Manager has everything working as it should.

Only way to correct this is to delete the users profile from the server, and after new login the alarm window is working normally again. But since we are MSP and our support crew uses it through Citrix also, it's getting annoying to always delete their profiles to fix this issue.