Dashboard queries don't load on initial load

Discussion created by DaveRick on Sep 20, 2011
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I'm currently seeing a situation where I have a dashboard that runs a few queries against the SLA data, basically pulling monthly stats for various SLO's.  When I load the dashboard initially all the tables sit there empty, but if I refresh the dashboard the data loads.  This is the same for subpanels as well.  Those have queries in them and the first time you go into the subpanel the tables are empty.  However if you go back up a level and then back into the subpanel the data loads just fine.  


This holds true for each subpanel.  I don't beleive the data is heavy on the dashboard as the dashboard and subpanels load rather quickly after that inital load.  They also perform well for a while but if I leave the dashboard for about 15 minutes I have to repeat the process again to have the data load.  


Is there some configuration or option I can use to solve this problem or have others seen something similar?