NAS configuration and HA probe question

Discussion created by rodcook on Sep 15, 2011
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I have a situation where I have a customer that has a primary and secondary hubs at the top.  The NAS is running on the primary hub.  We have the secondary hub configured the same as the primary hub, but have the duplicate probes all turned off and use the HA probe to turn those on when the primary hub goes down.


Our question is how is everyone duplicating the nas.cfg file from the primary to the secondary.  Using the replication feature of the NAS only allows the nas.cfg file to be copied to a replication directory, not into NAS directory.  Documentation says you have to use a manual method to move the nas.cfg from the replication directory to the NAS directory.


The HA probe is working great on stopping/starting the proper probes and queues.  But it does not accommodate the ability to bring in the latest nas.cfg file.


How is your company making sure it has the latest nas.cfg file on the secondary hub?