Restricting discovery_server and/or discovery_agent

Discussion created by tdsnoc on Sep 6, 2011
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Hi all,


I'm using discovery to get hostnames of machines we're watching that don't have robots on them so that we can use RemoteAdmin to put them into maintenance mode (NIS is set to exclude alarms from systems set to maintenance mode in CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEMS). There are two groups of robot-less systems we are monitoring and each is in a specified IP range (Hub A: 10.31.x.x, Hub B: 10.71.x.x). I have scopes set up in RemoteAdmin for each discovery_agent at Hubs A and B and those are working fine. The problem is that we're also getting machines that are not in either site, the autodiscovery is getting every system, device, etc from ALL hubs, not just 10.31.x.x from A and 10.71.x.x from B. I only have two discovery_agents active. I haven't been able to figure out from the discovery_server/agent logs where those entries are coming from. Do I need to add a scope that says exclude everything and then add one that says include 10.31/71.x.x? Is the discovery_server collecting information on its own?