NAS replication, HA probe and possible loss of alerts

Discussion created by amit_saxena on Aug 31, 2011

Hi all,


I have a basic question regarding HA probe. During failback (from primary hub to secondary hub) and failover (from secondary hub back to primary hub) processes, is there any loss of alerts assming NAS replication is already setup as bi-directional between hubs ?


Further, to be specific, assuming if I have a LUA script setup in "on arrival" mode which writes the incoming alarm fields to a flat file, I want to know till the time switch between primary to secondary hub is taking place for some duration (ex 20 seconds), all alerts received on secondary will be queued so as to get logged once the secondary NAS is up and running. I am assuming that the scripts are also replicated between primary and secondary.


Please help and suggest.



Amit Saxena