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Applying same set of licenses to both primary and HA hub at same time

Question asked by amit_saxena on Aug 30, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2011 by amit_saxena

Hi all,


Assuming same set of license(s) applies for both primary and HA hub (need not to be the central hubs which connects to the database), is it possible to apply set of licenses (including hub and other probes) only once and it gets replicated to both primary and HA hub ?


We recently faced a scenario where the licenses between primary and HA hub was not in sync. As for majority of the time, the primary hub was running, we couldn't track the license status of the secondary hub. However once we switched to the HA hub, because of the hardware issue in primary hub, we came to know about the licenses issue.


Though this time we took care of this, we want to avoid it next time and onwards. Hence I am looking for a simple approach which works for both.



Amit Saxena