having issues logging into UMP 2.5.1

Discussion created by rgivens on Aug 25, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2011 by ntimm

I just installed UMP 2.5.1.  I have many users setup in User Administration in Infrastructure Manager.  Those users cannot log into UMP.  When I go to configure users within UMP by going to Administration > Accounts and adding users I run into an issue.  I attempt to setup a user that has the same username as a user in the User Administration portion of Infrastructure Manager and UMP complains that - A user with login ID "username" that is not used for accounts already exists.  If it can see the account in Infrastructure Manager why can I not use it to login to UMP?


Also, I've setup ldap on the primary hub so certain users use there AD credentails to login.  I created an ACL with superuser access and associated it with the AD group that I created.  My account is a member of that AD group and I can log into UMP with that account.  I've setup similar AD groups and ACL's (with less privledges to Nimsoft) and those users can't use there AD credentials to log into UMP.


Any suggestions?