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QoS data not visible in SLM after deleted initially from SLM

Question asked by amit_saxena on Aug 25, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2011 by amit_saxena

Hi all,


I installed azure probe in my environment and configure it so as to get both alarms and performance data. In order to save some space, I launched SLM -> Tools -> Database Status and deleted all the rows belonging to Azure probe. The entries got deleted from there and also in "Quality of Service" in left pane. Even the probe is active and calculating the data every nth minute, I am not getting the data back for Azure probe in SLM.


In order to confirm whether this is not probe specific issue, I installed net_connect probe, and did the same steps. Like Azure, I am also not getting data for net_connect.


However I am getting data for both probes in Dr Nimbus.


Please help.



Amit Saxena