sql_response probe configuration questions

Discussion created by brudden1 on Aug 24, 2011

I'm having an issue with configuring the sql_response probe.  I have created a connection that is testing fine, and I created profiles using .sql scripts that have been provided.  When I read the files and test, I get results, however, I cannot generate any alarms for any of my profiles.


I'm attaching the sql_response config file and log (log level set to maximum), as well as a jpg showing a sample of the output that the profiles generate.  All of the sql queries I'm using create an output of 1 row containing 2 columns.  I would like to alarm on specific trhesholds of the second column (the number 7 in the attached example.


After testing various configurations, I cannot create a sample alarm.  In addition, after reading and testing the query, the drop-downs in the value tab of the probe do not populate with any data.


Please advise on this.


thank you.