Filtering of inivisible alarms in UMP

Discussion created by henrik.thorsen on Aug 24, 2011
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I am trying to set up a filter that hides 'invisible' alarms for users with an ACL that allows viewing of invisible alarms in the UMP Alarm console (UMP AC).

As there is no criteria for visible/invisible in the alarm-filtering, I have created a Nas profile that runs at an interval and tags one of the custom-fields by a script along the following lines;



if al ~= nil then

    for i=1,#al do

        a = al[i]

        if a.visible == 0 then

                updated = {

                nimid = a.nimid,

                user_tag2 = 'inv',

                custom_5 = 'inv'







The idea is then to put a filter on the user_tag or the custom tag.


This doesn't seem to work properly. After running the script, nothing happens in the UMP AC, and by inspecting the alarm-attributes (still in the UMP AC), both the usertag and the custom tag are blank.


However, when looking at the Nas SQLite db, the user tag has been updated here, but not the custom tag.

In addition, I have enabled the NiS bridge in the Nas, so that all alarm info are relayed to the MS SQL Server. When looking at the tables in the MS SQL Server, both the user tag and the custom tag are updated to the value applied in the script.


Up front, it seems like the various databases are a bit out of synch. Any ideas of what's going on here?

Any ideas on how to solve the real issue (filtering of invisible alarms in UMP AC)?