variables definition in LOGMON or NTEVL.

Discussion created by SUK on Aug 24, 2011
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could you please help me to format an alarm depending on a event found via logmon (or ntevl) probe?
I don't manage to define variable depending on matching criterias and not depending on caracters position and I don't have any experience in regex writting....

For instance, in the following message, I would like to define variable with every thing underlined in green.

07:42:48,870 [John] WARN RMI TCP Connection(16276)- phase.PhaseInterceptorChain:369 - Interceptor for {}ReportEngineServiceService#{http://******.com/WSDL/1.0/ReportEngineService}GetAvailableReportList has thrown exception, unwinding now

time -> easy with caracter position
user -> string between [ and ]
IP -> string that contain "number and ." after -
engine -> string between } and #{ for instance "ReportEngineServiceService#"
procedure ->between } and a space for instance GetAvailableReportList


many thanks