Filtered Performance Report with Preferences and Styles

Discussion created by jlopez on Aug 15, 2011

My goal is to build Bandwidth view for my customers.  I've created a Performance Report built on filter option to pull customer drop information from our multi-tenant switches. I've created the page with report "locked down" using the path and preferences.  Report loads great for each of the different customers however I lose the functionality to stack, show percentile, etc.  The gear icon isn't available and hard setting on in the report XML doesn't seem to get honored either.  I've also noticed the styling doesn't come across and defaults to line.


Running UMP 2.1.2.   Is this because the style, scale, and "pLine" that is within the series branch of XML is unknown at the time for filtered (dynamic) Perf Report?  Is it possible to get the configure (gear icon) enabled on "locked" report?