UMP/WASP upgrade from 2.1.2 to 2.5.1 out of resources errors and helpful upgrade information

Discussion created by CodyLane on Aug 9, 2011
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Hi Everyone,


I was on the phone this afternoon with a very helpful Nimsoft guru Dan who helped talk us through an issue we have been troubleshooting for weeks.  Basically it boiled down to a probe configuration problem on our Primary and Secondary hubs, so I thought I would share what we found out on this forum incase anyone else has similiar problems. 



We trying to upgrade our UMP server from the primary hub a Windows machine we would see errors in the UmpInstallLog.log that said, "out of resources".  The install would fail and rollback.



With help from Dan and our pro services rep, we were able to get past this problem by doing the following:

  1. Disable the wasp probe on the robot that was hosting our UMP.
  2. Disable both probes discovery_server and discovery_agent on both our Primary and Secondary hubs.
  3. Download the latest UMP 2.5.1 for Windows and do the install on the Primary hub.

After sometime, the install succeeded and we are now running UMP 2.5.1 and seems to be working flawlessly. 



NOTE: As I understand it, most companies don't use the discovery_agent and discovery_server probes in their environment, however if you do and you are seeing 'out of resource errors' in your log files this is certianly something to try. If you go this route you will also want to adjust the line on the dashboard_engine.cfg  under the data section use_nis_server = 0 which, will disable the auto discovery in the UMP if you no longer want to use this service (making this setting permanent will render some of the Nimsoft portlets unavailable, but I can't seem to recall which ones.)  We dont' have a need for this in our environment so it works well for us.


Thanks again to support and Nimsoft pro services!!!   We love this product! :smileyhappy: