Calculations in UMP Dashboard

Discussion created by bvloch1 on Aug 6, 2011
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Currently we have about 300 "appliances" that we can only obtain file and memory system utilization by using SNMP. In order to do so I have to query the amount of blocks used multiply this by the block size and then divide this number by the appropriate static integer to arrive at megabytes used.  The only way I can think to approach this would be to write some utility that would query these values -> perform the calculation -> then write this value back to the into the database as QoS. I could then point the dashboard> This seems very kludgy.


Looking at previous posts it looks like the ability to perform calculations within a Dashboard has been requested as a enhancement request some time ago. Currently we are using UMP 1.5 and I was wondering if the ability to perform calculations has been included in one of the later releases?  We will be upgrading to 2.5 shortly. Looking at the release note and documentation - I don't believe this is possible.


If you have any ideas on a more robust solution I would like to hear them.


Thank you