Deleted QOS Data keeps appearing again

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We have a Nimsoft on Demand instance and are running into a peculiar problem.  We constantly add and remove devices into monitoring as our business requires.  When we remove devices from Network Monitoring (aka delete the monitored element from the probe) we also go to the SLA Manager and delete the device under there as well.  The problem is the QOS Data and definitions keep reappearing. 



Probes used:

We use the following probes to monitor our network devices:

net_connect (from more than one Robot)

interface_traffic (From only one robot)

Cisco_monitor (From only one robot)

Cisco_qos (From only one robot)


Device Adding Procedure:

When we add a new device to be monitored (we may or may not add it to the Cisco_qos probe depending on if the device supports qos) we add it to all the above mentioned probes.


Device Removal Procedure:

When we remove a device we delete the entry from all the probes we added it to.


So we believe that there is an inerrant flaw in the design of the Nimsoft product (or we could be wrong and it is intentional) that is the product does not delete a devices associated graphs, charts etc.  Automatically like every other product we have come across.


This would not be a problem if we had a documented procedure on how to remove a device completely from monitoring, the database everything and cleanly. 



When we have deleted the device from all the probes, it still shows up under dynamic views, qos charts, and the GRP_INTERFACE tables.  This affects the query we run on our front page to show top datacenter interfaces by utilization.


SELECT top 15 *, in_utilization + out_utilization AS total_util
AND device LIKE 'LDC%'
OR device LIKE 'CDC%'
ORDER BY total_util desc


That query shows interfaces at full utilization from devices we have removed a long time ago.




So what do we do? The moment we remove something from the probes, and delete the QOS Data from SLA Manager 5 minutes later it reappears.


Please help maybe we will get a faster response here than we would through support.