NOTE details required while creating an action in alarm console in UMP

Discussion created by amit_saxena on Jul 13, 2011



How to get "NOTE" details for an alarm while creating an action in alarm console in UMP ? I checked out the list of arguments and they don't mention anything related to note. The current list of arguments are mentioned below.


Note :- I would like to create an action to send an email for an alarm in alarm console in UMP. The email, apart from basic alarm fields, should also hold information about the note. We are creating and populating a note with the output of ping and traceroute commands whenever a "host not reachable" alert is received by NAS using LUA.


If this works, then the first level of troubleshooting information, like ping and traceroute commands outputs, which is already there with in the note associated with the alarm can be emailed to the concerned user.


Argument List





Amit Saxena