How to turn off discovery?

Discussion created by rbnnimsoft on Jul 16, 2011
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My primary hub was taken down for firmware/patches etc and when it came back up it was 'dicovering' kit from all over the network (network cicso stuff, people's desktops etc) and putting it all in the grp_server table.  This played havoc on some of my dashboards.  So, I disabled discovery_server, discovery_agent and ace, and then deleted  the rows out of the grp_server table put in on the day of the upgrade with a nimbus_type of 'discovery'.  That lasted for about 15 minutes and then the equipment started appearing again.  I can keep deleting them but what might be putting them in?   It's bad enough some sort of discovery is going on against my choice, but how can I find what is putting things into the grp_server table that don't belong there?