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Origin not changine in Active Objects

Question asked by gengquist on Jul 9, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2011 by gengquist

I have been setting origin names in the Controller probe to override the hub name. To date, I have been adding the name to all Controllers including the hub robot controller. As you know, that does not change the origin of the hub robot itself. In short, I have one set of Data objects with the origin of 123456*** (from the hub robot) and two sets of data objects with the origin ClientNamehere : ###### (from the other two servers).


I opened the hub config and changed the origin in the hub settings to ClientNameHere : ###### then restarted the hub when prompted. However, I am not seeing any new data objects with the proper origin name for the hub robot. I am expecting to see the new data objects, then change the origin of the old data objects to the new origin name. Is there something I am missing?