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Creating a Default View within UMP

Question asked by bvloch1 on May 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2014 by Carlos_Brito

I am very new to UMP and in looking at the documentation I am unsure how to accomplish the following:


I would like to define a default view within the UMP that I can map/link to an ACL group within Infrastructure Manager so that when a member of that ACL group logs into the UMP they get a specific default view. I am not looking to lock this view down however when a user logs into the UMP for the first time, I would like for them see the same content.


Looking over the documentation, I am uncertain if this is even possible. I don't see where I can create a default view. I also don't see where I can associate ACL in IM to either a role or user group in UMP. I believe this is accomplished to some extent by setting an account link within IM.


I am willing to do the research, however if anyone has any suggestions on how to accomplish or what specifically I should be looking at in the documentation, I would appreciate any feedback