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LUA scripting

Question asked by BryanDavis on May 19, 2011
Latest reply on May 19, 2011 by DaveRick

Hi there.  I have no experience with LUA and only have 2 months experience with Nimsoft.  I have a request to have some nt services stopped and restarted in a particular order for 6 servers.  ie.  stop and start an nt service on a particular server, then stop and start another service on another server after the previous has been successfully restarted.  This goes on for 6 servers.  I was lead to understand that a LUA script will need to be written.  I know where I can put the scripts (NAS-auto operator-scripts) however I do not know how to write a script.  Suggestions?  Should I be opening a case with Nimsoft?
Thank you!  Bryan