changing User ID for data_engine probe

Discussion created by rgivens on May 18, 2011
Latest reply on May 18, 2011 by dustin.lawler

Presentlly, I have the data_engine probe using sa to access the NimbusSLM database.  I would like to change that account to an account with less priviledges.  I'd like to use windows authentication so what kind of permission to the NimbusSLM database would the windows account need?  In the Nimsoft Server Installation guide it mentions that if using windows authentication you'd need to add the account as an administrator on the local computer and the SQL server machine and to have the watcher service run as that account, but does not mention any specific permissions within the database?  Also, if I do change the data_engine to a windows account and I go to upgrade Nimsoft would that user need additional / elevated permissions above and beyond normal to other portions of a sql install for successful installation?