ESXi 4 and the vmware probe

Discussion created by mfournier on Apr 29, 2011
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I had a question regarding how the vmware probe will report hardware failures for ESXi 4. Is anybody currently using this set up that might know if this pulls hardware failures using vmware API components (ie, would report a failure the same way VirtualCenter receives it) or does it instead perform log scraping on the syslog?

One of our customers is moving to ESXi and in testing with both receiving syslog items and with the systems in the vmware probe using Nimsoft templates we are not receiving harware failures (by testing removing a power supply). The customer reports that the events and traps created in vcenter are not being written to log or sent and is opening a case with VMWare, but from the Nimsoft side we want to make sure there is not something we are overlooking.


I opened a support ticket as well to work on this, but just curious if anyone has this up and running successfully today or may have run into the same thing.