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Discussion created by daleman on Apr 24, 2011
Latest reply on May 31, 2011 by daleman

I am attempting to create a super package to distribute the following configured probes, cdm, ntservices, ntevl, and processes.   I am receiving an error "unable to find package" when attempting to distribute the package.  Below are the steps I took.


1. I created the package.

2. Drag/drop configured probes into the archive rename with -cfg.

3. Open up the probes and save the .cfx file.

4.  Edit the package and create a section name win32, os type=windows, os=32.

5.  I added the dependencies for each probe with the version number.

6.  I added a section for each probe and added the .cfx files to the file list.


If I remove all dependencies and leave just one with one section for that probe the package distributes just fine.  Once I add additional dependencies and probes I start to recieve the error.


Has anyone seen this before?