Best approach to Large Displayed Dashboards - UMP

Discussion created by anthony.valuikas on Apr 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2011 by amit_saxena

Just looking for some insight from other users on how you are handling large office displays for your UMP dashboards.


Currently I am launching UMP in Firefox. What I do is launch 5 or so dashboards in their own tabs and use an auto toggle tab add-on to switch between each tab every 30 seconds. Something that works great. Then I place Firefox into fullscreen mode (Kiosk) to take up the entire screen. My panels are 1920x1080 and since I have never gotten "scale to fit" to really work well in SDP, I scaled my background image templates to statically fit the resolution.


With UMP I have a few issues but I am hopefully I can work around them.

One of which is that I keep getting the below after I have loaded a few tabs on a few of my systems.

Permission Denied